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Ithaca Times - July 27, 2011: AWITC Second Season

After a stellar debut, the Actor's Workshop of Ithaca Theatre Company is gearing up for a strong second season. The company, which grew out of the Actor's Workshop of Ithaca (which offers classes in the Meisner Technique), has just announced its 2011-12 season.

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Ithaca Times - Jun 8, '11: Four Dogs and a Bone

For a company that has spent the better part of a year pushing boundaries, Shanley's satire about Hollywood in New York seems if not toothless, then certainly tame in comparison. Of course, what's more mellow for the workshop...is at the extreme of what any other upstate New York group might consider...

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Ithaca Times - Mar 23, '11: Spring, Sex & Theater

Both the Actor's Workshop of Ithaca Theatre Company and the Kitchen Theatre Company tackle the subject of sex and sexuality in two regional premieres, and while they approach the subject matter in starkly different ways, what both have in common is what one expects from theater in Ithaca: frank, bold and compelling work produced in a thoughtful manner.

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Ithaca Times: Jan 12, '11: A Real Tragedy

Rachel Corrie proclaims early in the one-act dramatic monologue that will have a limited run by the Actor's Workshop of Ithaca this week. And regardless of what you know, whatever you may think about the student, activist and human shield who was killed by a bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003, the character depicted onstage is a revelation.

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Ithaca Post - Dec 14, '10: Student Showcase

The Workshop’s Thursday night show will close with local playwright Kit Wainer’s comedy, Lemmings, and Saturday’s later performance will feature Workshop Director Eliza VanCort’s classes in the regional premiere of the farcical romp Muriel’s Birthday by Stephen Gardella, who has previously studied under VanCort.

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